Dry Film Lubricants


Dry film lubricants (also called Solid Lubricants) help to reduce friction between surfaces, often in extreme environments. This process is used for parts that need to operate in very hot or very cold temperatures. Since dry film lubricants are solid, they are used in places that are too hot or too cold for liquid lubricants to be used.

Molybdenum Disulfide (moly dry) film lubricant, provides friction protection in high load bearing applications. The surface of a moly lube coated item can maintain lubricant qualities up to 250,000 psi.

Xylan is a combination of low-friction fluoropolymer compounds in a matrix of strong, stabile organic polymers. This fluoropolymer coating has excellent surface wear characteristics and provides resistance to friction, heat, cold, corrosion and chemicals.

Fluoropolymer coatings produce a smooth, hard and slick finish. Typically, these coatings are applied using a one coat system that fuses the coating to the substrate. In addition to very low coefficients of friction, fluoropolymers offer exceptional resistance to heat, cold, corrosion and chemical infiltration.

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