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Mil-Spec or (MilSpecs) are a set of standardized objectives set by the Department of Defense to ensure that all processes meet specific requirements. Dynocoat has extensive experience with many of these specifications.

Below are a listing of Mil-Specs that Dynocoat has experience with:

CARC mil spec

  • MIL DTL 64159
  • MIL DTL 53039B
  • MIL PRF 22750


  • MIL PRF 85285D


  • MIL P 53022B
  • MIL P 53030A
  • MIL PRF 23377H


  • DOD P15328D
  • MIL C 8514C
Wet Painting
  • FDA Approved wet painting
  • QPL Listed parts manufacturer (Sherwin Williams, Spectrum Coating)
  • Dry Film Lubricants

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